Data Sources

The data on TGD comes from thousands of hours of hand testing by Tony, the founder of TGD. He uses many different techniques and calculations to gather the data from testing in the game itself. All the data on the site has come purely from hand testing and calculation for the first two years. Recently, the website has added Warzone data to their supported games. Sym has been around for many years, Tony himself actually used to use the original back when he played Battlefield 3 and 4. Sym has similar features to TGD, but uses data from the game files themselves rather than hand tested values. This has been an invaluable tool for Tony, as it allows him to target incorrect values from his in-game testing for rechecking. Sym has also helped Tony understand the mechanics of how the Warzone code functions behind the scenes far better than before, allowing for more accurate damage calculations on TGD. TGD still uses Tony's tested data, but because Sym exists, TGD has become far more accurate and a better source of information for the community.