Frequently Asked Questions

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Why don't the ADS values add up?

If you stack ads slowing attachments they have a significantly bigger effect on ads times. Same goes for the reverse. The ADS effect is always "worse" than what you'd want or expect. For instance, two +50ms attachments would result in ~ +130ms total and two -50s attachments would result in ~ -80ms total. The site has an equation built in that tries to account for this effect.

Will you be adding other gun types (i.e. sniper, shotgun, pistol)?

There is a poll out right now (view it here) to see what the next big feature will be. If adding guns is chosen, that will be up next!

Note: We are only letting patreons and twitch subscribers vote in this poll, so if you would like to cast a vote, please become a patreon (here) or subscribe to Anthony's Twitch (here) or Kristina's Twitch (here)!

Is there a plan to add recoil effects?

Short answer: Yes. We will be testing optics for their recoil effects eventually.

How do range calculations work in the table and summary?

Ranges multiply with each other. If you have a 45% and 10% increase, the new value will be 1.45 * 1.10.

How does the ADS percentage slider affect the chart and data?

By default, there is no value included for how long it takes to ADS. As you change the slider, you're adding a percentage of the total ADS time for that build to your plotted data.


What is open bolt delay?

Open bolt delay is the time between pulling the trigger and a bullet actually firing.

What is this kPixels^2 measurement for hipfire and how was it measured?

kPixels^2 refers to kilopixels squared. It is measured with screenshots of the hipfire diameter at 1080p 103 FOV. They were all measured at the same resolution and FOV so they can be accurately compared to each other.

Ask Unforgiven

What is your favorite loadout?

I am torn between the RAM and M4. I run two primary loadouts right now. Either:

1) M4 (Monolithic Suppressor, Corvus Barrel, Tac Laser, Commando Foregrip, 60 Round Mags)
or RAM (Tactical Suppressor, Forge Tac Eclipse Barrel, Merc Foregrip, Tac Laser, 50 Round Mag)
with a KAR98 (Monolithic Suppressor, Tac Laser, Sleight of Hand, Sniper Scope, Longest Barrel)


2) Bruen (Monolithic Suppressor, No Stock, Tac Laser, 60 Round Mag, Merc Foregrip)
with an MP5 (Monolithic Integral Suppressor, Merc Foregrip, 1mW Laser, Sleight of Hand, 10mm Rounds)

What guns do you enjoy running post Grau nerf?

Bruen, Grau, Kilo, M13, M4. Honestly, I think all the big guns are viable right now.

Why do you choose Tactical Suppressor over Monolithic Sometimes?

In certain builds I feel the gun needs better ADS times to be super viable and there is a decent difference in ADS times for these muzzles for certain guns.