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Twitch Subscription

My preferred way to support the further development of this website would be a Twitch subscription. If you have Amazon Prime, you get a free Twitch sub to give out once a month if you connect your Twitch and Amazon accounts. It is free for you, and really helps me out! I'm trying to grow a Twitch channel (and maybe a YouTube channel focused on game data analysis soon!). I stream daily and would love your support to grow the channel through follows and subscriptions. Drop in and say hi sometime! Or hit me with your questions about the site. The link is below to find my channel.

Patreon Subscription

Patreon is a great platform for users and fans to support creators who don't have an income from other means. If you don't feel like supporting the Twitch channel, this is a great way to directly support my efforts on and will help me continue to keep the site up to date. Click the link below to check out our page!

Direct Paypal Donation

If the other two ways to support don't work for you, you can support directly using the PayPal link below. No amount goes unnoticed and any is much appreciated! Thank you!